Xyience Fruit Punch Review

Xyience Fruit Punch Review

Now that I’ve officially tried out Xyience for the first time with the cherry lime flavor, it’s time to move on to some other flavors and see how they stack up. Each energy drink brand seems to handle different flavors in different ways. For example, Red Bull keeps it fairly simple and only offers a few different kinds, focusing more on their main offerings. Monster, on the other hand, seems to have a different flavor for every person on Earth. Seriously, I’m pretty sure they’re going to run out of ideas and move on to flavors nobody has tried yet, like gravy. But I’m getting off topic. Xyience leans more on the Red Bull side of things, not overloading you with so many options. So let’s take a look at the fruit punch flavor of Xyience.


How Does It Look?

In my first review for cherry lime flavored Xyience, my main problem was the lack of personality on the can. When you look at some of the dazzling art found on other energy drink cans, it makes Xyience seem pretty forgettable. Well, that’s pretty much the same case here. In fact, the only real difference is a slight color change in the circle on the logo. At least I think. I am a bit colorblind to be fair.


How Does It Taste?

While cherry lime was a pretty original flavor for energy drinks, I’ve seen fruit punch on quite a few energy drinks before. Does that take away from this experience? Not at all. The fruit punch flavor of Xyience tastes quite good, except for one minor problem. You see, the cherry lime flavor of Xyience managed to be sugar-free while not having that diet taste. You know, that taste nobody likes, even if they claim to. Well, the more I tried the fruit punch flavor, the more I realized there was a mild diet-y aftertaste. Not too much, mind you, but just enough.


How’s The Energy?

This is one area where I feel Xyience really shines. Since I’m not exactly a “morning person” or an “afternoon person” or a “night person”, I definitely need a lot of energy to keep going. And, since my tolerance for any and all energized drinks is astronomical, it really means something when one gives me a jolt of energy. And Xyience most certainly does that.


Do I Recommend It?

Despite the lack of much difference in the can and the slight diet taste, Xyience’s fruit punch flavor makes for a good performance energy drink. Even if it just tasted like water, I would recommend it for the energy burst alone. And isn’t that why you drink energy drinks?


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