Xyience Frostberry Blast Review

Xyience Frostberry Blast Review

Now that I’ve tried a few different flavors of Xyience, I feel much more qualified to talk about the brand as a whole. I’ve gotten much more accustomed to the taste, the energy, and the appearance. I enjoyed the cherry lime and fruit punch flavors, although there are a few things I’m starting to notice more consistently as I sample the various flavors. I’ll explain later. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Xyience’s frostberry blast flavor. While I don’t eat that much fruit, is that an actual kind of berry? Let’s talk about it.


How Does It Look?

While I could barely tell the cherry lime and fruit punch flavors apart when it came to appearance, at least the frostberry blast can showcases a distinct blue circle around the Xyience logo. And…that’s pretty much it. No art on the can. No pictures of frostberries (which I assume are just frozen grapes). Nothing that really screams “energy” or “power” or “buy me”. And so, because the appearance is lacking, it must rest on its energy and taste. Speaking of…


How Does It Taste?

Whatever a frostberry is, it doesn’t taste bad. However, I wasn’t too impressed with it either. The taste was kind of that generic berry-ish flavor you find with many types of candy and soda. And, considering how great the cherry lime flavor tasted, I was a bit surprised by that. However, the largest problem with the flavor goes beyond that, and is becoming part of a larger issue that I’ve realized. (Remember? That thing I talked about in the opening?) You see, with each new flavor I’ve tried, I’ve noticed a more prevalent “diet” taste you find in many sugar free drinks. Well, perhaps due to frostberry being a lesser flavor than the others, the diet flavor was more noticeable than ever here. And not just in the aftertaste, but in the first-taste. If that’s what you call it.


How’s The Energy?

While the flavor hasn’t always been Xyience’s strong suit, I can honestly say the energy has been spectacular. Not that I’ve been doing this on purpose (it’s just how I live my life), but every day I’ve tried Xyience was after a night without proper sleep. Every time it’s gotten me whipped into shape, ready for a day of hard work and determination. Or a Netflix marathon. Either way.


Do I Recommend It?

While frostberry blast has not been the greatest flavor of Xyience, I would still recommend it overall. Once again, the energy Xyience provides transcends the flavor and appearance of the can. In fact, it’s given me so much energy that I’ve begun using words like “transcends”. You know, professional writer words.  


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