XYIENCE energy drink review !



Taste and Smell Test!

Xyience energy drinks taste absolutely great, especially the flavors like Cherry Lime, whic could be compared to a good cherry soda.  The carbonation is subtle and not too harsh on the throat. The combination of these factors make it so easy to drink. It’s no wonder so many people view this as their brand of choice. You might say the superstars that endorsed the brand helped, but the drink basically sells itself. I won’t expand too much on this section of the review because the the next one will really show why this brand is awesome. Whatever your favorite flavor is, Xyience probably has an option for you. None that I’ve tasted  ended up underwhelming so far.


The Incredible Variety!

There are so many choices of flavors that if you were to ask someone what the original one is they probably couldn’t tell you. My personal favorite is Cherry Lime but I have to say Frostberry Blast is a close second; both are delicious. Honorable mention goes to Mango Guava! I guess every flavor could be a safe bet if you pick something you know you like, the flavors aren’t too strong and it’s great to try them all.



                  xyience-frostberry-blast_1              xyience-blue-pomegranate_1                    xyience-fruit-punch_1




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What is it made of?

Caffeine is a main component, as it helps stimulate the energy level and enhances your ability to focus. By stimulating your nervous system you will be more focused, feel uplifted and do physical work or training with much more endurance.

Taurine is also an key ingredient.  This comes from amino acids found in many places in nature, such as fish and meat. It is an antioxidant and can be used a as a supplement. In combination with caffeine it gives you that edge when you’re at your limit.  This drink will give you just the little bit of help you need to cross the finish line.

There are some added nutrients, like Panax Ginseng and L-Carnitine.  The former has long been rumored and quite honestly proven to do essentially the same task as the taurine and caffeine. L-Carnitine has many proposed benefits to the function of vital organs.

There are many interesting sides to Xyience energy drinks but one of the best is the low sugar content.


Effects on the energy level?

Many energy drinks are avoided by athletes and some are even banned.  However, when you get something like this energy drink you know you’re not putting your health at risk. Mostly though, what athletes hate about energy drinks are the constant highs and lows which might be counterproductive to their performance. Sure, your heart is pumping at max capacity for a few minutes, but then you’re exhausted and totally unprepared for what follows. For athletes you need something consistent, something that doesn’t make too many waves on your energy level.


Jon Jones (UFC fighter)


Since there is no hard crash due to the low amount of sugar, that might be one of the main reasons why Xyience is an energy drink of choice for so many.


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