Xyience Cran Razz Review

Xyience Cran Razz Review

And now, after a short break, I have made a triumphant return to reviewing Xyience energy drinks. Overall, I’ve really liked the different types of Xyience that I’ve tried in my reviews, such as Cherry Lime and Fruit Punch. However, this is a different time and a different me. Has my personal palate changed? Have I personally changed? After all these years am I merely a shell of my former self? Eh, whatever. Let’s review some energy drinks! Today we’ll be looking at the Cran Razz flavor of Xyience.


How Does It Look?

Xyience cans have never really wowed me with their appearance. While so many energy drinks catch my eye with colorful flashiness and appealing logos, Xyience is more…generic looking. And Cran Razz isn’t any different. While it’s always a nice touch to see the colors change around the logo, they need more flare. After all, wouldn’t you think an energy drink with an X in the name would have some kind of extreme logo and edgy 90’s look? Maybe they’ll release some kind of Xtreme Xyience with an extreme logo someday.


How Does It Taste?

As I said, I’ve tried quite a few different types of Xyience flavors. However, I must say that Cran Razz has been the most impressive so far. What’s strange is that I’m not even generally a fan of cranberries or raspberries. But when they join together, they open up all new kinds of flavor. Perhaps I really am a new person…


How’s The Energy?

Some things never change. And other things change a lot. And other things go on and on and on. I’m rambling, aren’t I? The energy of Xyience has always been very consistent, not too high to the point of jitteriness and not too low to the point of having no effect. Really, it’s been on the same level as most of the top energy drinks, which I find is the ideal amount.


Do I Recommend It?

I honestly didn’t know if I would still have the same affection for Xyience after I spent so long away from it. As it turns out, the exact opposite happened. Maybe distance really does make the heart grow fonder? From the first sip, I found my love for Xyience once again. The flavor was the absolute greatest I’d had so far. The energy was as strong as before. The can…was still disappointing. But that’s not a huge deal for me.

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