Bing Raz Review

And so we’ve reached the end of my journey with Bing energy drinks. There have been highs, lows, and plenty of plot twists along the way. But, ultimately, it has been a pleasure. Each flavor I’ve tasted so far has been consistent and enjoyable. In my last review, I tried out Bing Black, whose blackberry […]

Bing Black Review

I must say, I’ve really enjoyed Bing energy drink so far. The two flavors I’ve tried, basic cherry and apple, have been sweet and full of energy. But what happens when I try a flavor I’ve haven’t tried featuring a fruit I don’t generally enjoy? Will the world as we know it cease to exist? […]

Bing Crisp Review

Now that I’ve had my very first opportunity to try out Bing energy drink and mastered the intricacies of energy drink reviewing (kind of), I feel like I’m ready to move on to some different flavors. While cherry is the “flagship” flavor of Bing, there are a bunch of others available. Flavors that are sweet, […]

Bing Cherry Review

After trying out the various flavors of Xyience, I’ve decided to move on to another brand I’ve yet to try: Bing energy drink. What do I know about it? Well, not too much. I know it shares its name with a search engine, and that it’s cherry flavored. That’s pretty much it. Let’s take advantage […]