RedLine Xtreme Watermelon Review

RedLine Xtreme Watermelon Review

Now that I’ve tried at least one flavor of RedLine Xtreme, I feel much more confident going into the other flavors. For those of you that haven’t read my first RedLine Xtreme review for Triple Berry flavor, first of all, you should read that review ASAP. It’s good stuff. Secondly, I noted that it was my first foray into the world of energy shots. And, for the most part, it was a positive experience. Will the Watermelon flavor of the brand increase my enjoyment? Or turn me off to energy shots forever? (Can’t handle the drama, can you?) It’s time to take a look at the Watermelon flavor of RedLine Xtreme.


How Does It Look?

RedLine Xtreme doesn’t vary its appearance much when it comes to different flavors. While some energy drinks such as Monster may change things up drastically when it comes to different flavors, RedLine Xtreme only changes a small portion of the bottle with a picture of the fruit it’s flavor is based on. While I don’t mind this, I still believe it to be a bit of a missed opportunity on their part. Having some watermelon seeds throughout the bottle or even coloring the whole bottle in watermelon-y (is that a word?) colors would really complete the aesthetic.


How Does It Taste?
While I usually don’t enjoy berry flavors, I overall enjoyed the Triple Berry flavor of RedLine Xtreme. And, since I enjoy watermelon, I should enjoy the flavor of watermelon RedLine Xtreme, right? Well, it was decent overall. The first half that I drank didn’t seem to have that much actual watermelon-y (there’s that word again) flavor, while it was in full force the second time around.


How’s The Energy?

One thing I’ve been fairly impressed by in my time trying out RedLine Xtreme is the amount of energy it gives you. While you only drink half of the bottle at a time, you get a pretty significant energy boost. Additionally, you get this extra energy minus any jittery feelings.


Do I Recommend It?

RedLine Xtreme’s Watermelon flavor provided everything the Triple Berry had: decent flavor, a fairly generic appearance, and good energy minus any jitters. While it’s tough to compare to brands like Xyience since this is more of a shot than an energy drink, I’ve overall enjoyed both flavors. Additionally, both have helped to change my mind when it comes to energy shots in general.  

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