RedLine Xtreme Sour Heads Review

RedLine Xtreme Sour Heads Review

I really enjoy it when a company introduces a flavor that’s against the grain. Remember that time Taco Bell released Dorito-infused tacos? Or the absolute classic Crystal Pepsi? Well, I guess that was more of a visual change and less of a taste change. I don’t want to get off topic here. The point is, it’s always pretty awesome when a different flavor is released. Today, I’m taking a look at an interesting flavor: RedLine Xtreme Sour Heads.


How Does It Look?

Just like its other iterations, RedLine Xtreme Sour Heads isn’t too much to look at. As per usual, the only thing that changes is the flavor section of the red bottle, a small portion at the top. As I’ve said, this is a real missed opportunity. Especially with a flavor such as sour, which could have a great neon green appearance to catch the eye. Sadly, this continues to be one of the drink’s biggest laws.


How Does It Taste?

I must say I enjoy sour flavors quite a bit. Much like my masochistic love of spice, I enjoy the occasional Sour Patch Kid on my way down the candy aisle. Therefore, it’s probably not a surprise that I really enjoyed RedLine Xtreme Sour Heads. However, the sour flavor of RedLine Xtreme just fits the “energy shot” format. Just like you wouldn’t eat a whole meal that was purely spicy, a whole drink that was purely sour wouldn’t be that enjoyable. Therefore, a quick shot of energy is perfect for a the strong sour taste.


How’s The Energy?

The theme of high energy continues with Sour Heads. I tried to drink the first half to wake up and get going and the second half in the afternoon the next day. And, I must say, it was a great way to use this drink. On the first day it helped get me going quite well. On the second day, it helped me maintain my usual coffee energy burst from earlier. So, once again, RedLine Xtreme has succeeded in doing just what it promises: providing plenty of energy in one convenient drink.


Do I Recommend It?

I must say, this very well may be the greatest RedLine Xtreme has had to offer. Although we’ll have to see once we look at the final ratings. Along with the generally great energy, the sour taste was perfect for this energy shot. While the bottle could use a new look, it’s a small price to pay to enjoy one of the better energy drinks around.

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