RedLine Xtreme Blue Razz Review

RedLine Xtreme Blue Razz Review

I must say, I have been very impressed with each flavor of RedLine Xtreme I’ve tried so far. Which is pretty interesting, considering the flavors I’ve tried aren’t my usual favorites. While it’s not the perfect drink for everybody, I can definitely understand the appeal. As a double energy shot of sorts, you get double the energy serving in one convenient bottle. And, if my math doesn’t fail me, two things are definitely better than one. Let’s take a look at the Blue Razz flavor of RedLine Xtreme.


How’s It Look?

The biggest weakness of RedLine Xtreme has consistently been the appearance of the bottle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst looking energy drink on the shelf. It just doesn’t have any personality. No eye-catching logo, no variation of color. The only real difference from bottle to bottle is the picture of the fruit flavoring, which is quite small. It’s just quite a missed opportunity. When you look around the shelf of energy drinks, there’s so many memorable visuals. RedLine Xtreme could use some tweaking to make it stand out more.


How’s It Taste?

While I enjoy most fruit flavors, there are definitely some that I don‘t always like. And raspberry is up there. However, upon trying Blue Razz, I really found it pretty enjoyable. While it wasn’t the best energy drink flavor I’ve had, it was just sweet enough and just tasty enough without that “energy drink” aftertaste. You know, the aftertaste I always talk about. Blue Razz was, in all honesty, a great flavor in small doses, making it perfect for the energy shot.


How’s The Energy?

As per usual, RedLine Xtreme had some pretty exceptional energy. I was focused, driven, and able to write this review very quickly. And I never do that! It’s good to see that the main consistency with RedLine Xtreme has been its energy boost. After all, we do drink these for the sake of energy. They are called energy drinks, you know.


Do I Recommend It?

While I had yet to try RedLine Xtreme before writing these reviews, I must say I’ve been very impressed with each flavor. While I can understand why energy shots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I have definitely changed my opinion and will most likely add them to my energy repertoire. And it’s not easy to break into my packed energy repertoire. With coffee, energy drinks and now energy shots, I’m going to be awake for awhile.

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