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Canna Energy Drink (ORIGINAL)

Canna Energy Drink (ORIGINAL)


We scour the world to find the finest ingredients with the highest efficacy and safety standards. We experiment tirelessly until we get it right. We never use artificial colors or flavors and our drinks have as low as 40 calories per bottle. Blu-Berry Lite is 40 calories per bottle, Mango is 160 calories per bottle, and Original is 150 calories per bottle.
Canna Energy drinks offer great taste with great benefits! Simply put, there is nothing else like Canna Energy. You share your challenges and we work tirelessly to find nature-derived dietary ingredients in effective drink solutions that help to make your days and nights the best they can be.

About the Product
  • GET HEMPERGIZED with 50mg of Hemp Seed Oil In Every Can
  • SAY YES TO NATURAL– and no to artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and colors
  • CANNA ENERGY IS A ZERO THC energy supplement infused with 50 mg of iHemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs are those awesome Omega 3s & 6s).
  • LOWER GLYCEMIC which provides more consistent energy without a hard crash
  • CRAZY DAMN TASTY!! Try it for yourself!

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