Xyience Cherry Lime Review

In my time drinking energy drinks, I’ve tried a pretty wide range of brands and flavors. I’ve had your Monsters, your Amps, your Red Bulls and even Fred Durst’s Xtreme Drink To The Extreme. OK, I made that last one up. I was trying to see if you were paying attention. But a new type […]

Energy Drinks Reviews : BAWLS

Taste and Smell Test! BAWLS is a high caffeine, carbonated energy drink that has a very smooth and creamy taste, similar to cream soda according to some. Personally, I think it has a more of a subtle fruity citrus taste, and it probably comes from the guarana fruits. I have to come clean on this […]

  Taste and Smell Test! Xyience energy drinks taste absolutely great, especially the flavors like Cherry Lime, whic could be compared to a good cherry soda.  The carbonation is subtle and not too harsh on the throat. The combination of these factors make it so easy to drink. It’s no wonder so many people view […]