Bing Raz Review

Bing Raz Review

And so we’ve reached the end of my journey with Bing energy drinks. There have been highs, lows, and plenty of plot twists along the way. But, ultimately, it has been a pleasure. Each flavor I’ve tasted so far has been consistent and enjoyable. In my last review, I tried out Bing Black, whose blackberry flavor I enjoyed despite not generally liking blackberries. And now we get to the sequel: Fruits I Don’t Really Enjoy, Part 2: Raspberries. What a catchy title. Will Bing Raz change my mind about raspberries? Well, you have to read the article to find out.


How’s The Can?

There has been one definite consistency in every can of Bing I’ve tried so far. Generally, each can is eye catching and represents the flavor well. However, the appearance of Bing Raz doesn’t quite stand out as much as the others. For the most part, each Bing can has done a great job of mixing simplicity and bold colors. However, Bing Raz just seems out of place. Nothing about it really shows that it’s raspberry flavored.


How’s The Flavor?

As I alluded to in the opening, I am not the biggest fan of raspberries. However, as I also alluded to, Bing Black was still very enjoyable despite my general distaste for blackberries. I can honestly say Bing Raz pretty much accomplished the same thing. The raspberry flavor, while not too overpowering, really mixed well with the basic Bing flavor. So that means Bing is 2-0 when it comes to getting me to like fruit flavors more. Now if only it could make me like kale…


How’s The Energy?

Along with the appearance of the cans, the energy of Bing has been very consistent with each flavor I’ve tried. However, as I said, the can for Bing Raz was a bit disappointing. The same can’t be said for the energy of Bing Raz, as it has the same decent energy boost of the others. It won’t help you power through typing up a final essay at midnight, but it will give you enough power to keep you going throughout the day.


Do I Recommend It?

Of all the energy drink brands I’ve tried so far, Bing has definitely stood out as a favorite. And, for the most part, it’s been the most consistent. Outside of the underwhelming can of Bing Raz, every flavor has looked good, tasted good, and had a decent amount of energy. That gives it my official seal of approval. I don’t have a medal or anything for them, so we’ll just call it an honorary seal of approval.


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