Bing Crisp Review

Bing Crisp Review

Now that I’ve had my very first opportunity to try out Bing energy drink and mastered the intricacies of energy drink reviewing (kind of), I feel like I’m ready to move on to some different flavors. While cherry is the “flagship” flavor of Bing, there are a bunch of others available. Flavors that are sweet, flavors that are savory, flavors that can change the world. Man, I should write slogans for them. Let’s take a look at the “Crisp” flavor of Bing energy drinks.  


How Does It Look?

Something that’s very important about looking at the appearance of energy drink cans is how they approach different flavors. With some energy drinks, such as Xyience, it’s as simple as a minor color change. With others, such as Monster, every different flavor is it’s own colorful canvas. I feel like Bing is a happy medium. The only major difference between the Crisp and original cans is the color. However, the colors of both cans brightly reflect the flavor of the drink. That’s really all an energy drink can is supposed to do–that and keep the liquid inside.


How Does It Taste?

I enjoyed Bing energy drink’s cherry flavor for its sweetness without being too terribly sugary. Bing Crisp isn’t too terribly different. While the can itself says that Crisp is made with “Apple & Cherry Juice”, there isn’t much of a cherry flavor at all, as I only got the apple taste. Maybe it was a typo? Regardless, it has that wonderful green apple taste that’s a delicious mix of sweet and sour.


How’s The Energy?

Every time I’ve tried a new energy drink, I’ve found there to be a pretty wide spectrum of energy. Some will give you a large burst of energy followed by a crash, others will simply give you a minor boost. Bing Crisp gave me a minor energy boost that was sustainable overall. I wasn’t bouncing off the walls but I also didn’t crash. If you’ve had as many energy crashes as I have, you know why that’s a good thing.


Do I Recommend It?

While I’ve only had 2 cans of Bing energy drink in my lifetime, I can honestly say I recommend it. Bing Crisp, much like the original flavor, has a great appearance, sweet taste, and good amount of energy. It’s definitely the least “energy drink” tasting energy drink I’ve had. If that makes sense. I believe this to be a benefit, as it has a simpler, juicier taste. Again, if that makes sense.

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