Bing Cherry Review

Bing Cherry Review

After trying out the various flavors of Xyience, I’ve decided to move on to another brand I’ve yet to try: Bing energy drink. What do I know about it? Well, not too much. I know it shares its name with a search engine, and that it’s cherry flavored. That’s pretty much it. Let’s take advantage of this blank slate and take a look at the classic cherry flavor of Bing energy drink.


How Does It Look?

One thing that stood out automatically in the supermarket drink section was the appearance of Bing. The can is an appealing bright red that really catches the eye, even when there are so many other drinks vying for your attention. The can is also branded very well, with a simple yet memorable logo and cherry to emphasize the flavor. This is honestly how you make an energy drink can. Not that I’m a energy drink can designer. But I am a connoisseur.


How Does It Taste?

Something that’s important to keep in mind when rating energy drinks is the caloric content. And not because I’m a health nut or anything. (In fact, I’m fairly certain I ate nothing but BBQ chips for dinner tonight.) But there is a correlation with the taste. You see, the lower the calorie count, the more likely you are to have that “diet-y” taste. Well, I can honestly say, with a calorie count of 40, there is no remote diet taste to be found. While that should be expected since it isn’t zero calories, I can definitely commend Bing on having absolutely no hint of diet-y taste despite the low calorie and sugar count. Good job, Bing makers (in case you’re reading this).  


How’s The Energy?

It didn’t take too long for the energy of Bing to begin kicking in. I can honestly say the drink gave me a great boost of energy. However, it didn’t feel like it lasted too long. I had a quick burst of energy that overall felt a bit unfocused, almost similar to a sugar rush. However, I understand this is my first time trying Bing and admit I do still felt pretty alert.


Do I Recommend It?

My first experience with the cherry flavor of Bing was a positive one overall. The can is very easy on the eyes, with ideal branding and a very fitting appearance. The taste was satisfying as well, if just a bit too sweet. While the energy came in spurts, it definitely had a favorable effect on my productivity. So, give Bing a shot next time the energy drink man stops by your house. What, you don’t have an energy drink man?

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